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Posted by on Jan 23, 2016 in Adoption process |

Basics of adoption process

Adopting a child and thus forming a new family is one of the noblest ideas where, if everything is done right, both sides should get a better life. A child gets caring parents and a home to live in and the parents, usually struggling with fertility problems, finally get their own child.

Though adoption has the finest final aim, it is very complex and long lasting procedure governed by the family laws different in every state. The states set high standards and rigorous controls that adopting parents have to submit to in order to adopt a child. This is necessary because the best interests of the children are one of the highest interests of every country.


The first step of the process collecting the information and specifying the profile of a child couple would like to adopt. The second one is choosing the agency. Generally, there are two possible options. You may sign up with a private agency, which will probably ask you to hire a family law lawyer. You will pay more money, but get to choose more specifications about the child you’re looking for to adopt. Private agencies provide you with greater chance to adopt a newborn.

Official governments agencies are cheaper, will probably narrow down your wishes and expectation from a child, but these agencies are safer way of handling an adoption procedure. Adoptions can be so called open or closed adoption. Open adoptions impose to both parents, biological and the ones who adopted, to keep in touch, share their information and occasionally even see each other. Closed adoption keeps both sides anonymous or allows them to share information regarding a kid, without uncovering their identity.


During a process, adopting parents will have to submit a lot of paperwork, providing the agency with their biographies, statements about incomes, safety of their home, proving they have no criminal record or significant debts and many other administrative works.

The last phase of the process is always patient waiting. Sometimes it takes months, even years, from the filing for adoption till the point when a child walks into a new home. This last moment is, nevertheless, going to make all the efforts worthwhile.Check click for more info page and search for help.